Visit Dickinson Square Park

There's much more to South Philly than the Italian Market and Passyunk district, although these are city, if not national, treasures. Dickinson Square Park is a beautiful place to visit any time of year. The Park has been recently renovated, and is truly a gem. Many people visit from all over the City.

Lovers of American cities will appeciate the turn-of-the-century layout of the park and architecture of the surrounding houses, from a true golden age of American building. They will also appreciate the organic quality of the neighborhood, as is apparent from different architectural styles dating from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Among the notable nearby attractions is the Mummer's Museum. Dickinson Square is one block away from 2nd Street, considered by many to be "ground zero" for the Mummers, and the many Mummer's clubhouses located in the area. Starting every October, Mummers can be heard practicing underneath I-95 in preparation for the parade. From May to September, free Mummers concerts may be enjoyed at the Museum. Of course, after the Mummers's Day Parade on January 1 of each year, there is much revelry on Two Street as the Mummers celebrate another year of successful planning, parading, and good times. It really is quite the spectacle, something that everyone should see at least once. Stop by some of the nearby businesses, pick up a lunch and have an impromptu picnic; please dispose of your trash properly. Or stroll through the park before or after a satisfying dinner.

Nearby eateries include:

Grindcore House
1515 S. 4th St. Philadelphia, PA 19147
Grindcore House, one of South Philadelphia's newest coffee shops, features not only the best coffee in South Philadelphia, but some of the best coffee in the entire city. Their coffee is always fresh-made in small batches from the finest organic beans, and management takes great care not to let the brewed coffee sit around beyond a certain prescribed time limit before discarding it in favour of a fresh batch. In short, there's strict quality control to maintain the highest of standards, something rare for a small neighborhood coffee shop. In addition to stellar coffees and teas, this enormously popular establishment also features a broad assortment of vegan food such as pastries, cakes, cookies, and bagel sandwiches. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming, and the interior seating area is one of the coolest and most comfortable anywhere. The Friends are frequent patrons among the regular crowd that it attracts. Grindcore House has been a hugely welcome addition to the neighborhood, and just what was badly needed. Buy some coffee and a snack and head over to the Park for an enjoyable respite. And the Friends do recommend that you try the coffee - to say it again, it is some of the best in the city. 

1825 E. Moyamensing Avenue  Philadelphia, PA 19148 (at Moyamensing and Siegel)
Casual, neighborhood gastropub fare with a good beer selection. Moonshine serves one of the most under-rated burgers in the city, and features a nice selection of rotating specials and menu items. At times, it's used by the Friends as a very unofficial clubhouse and preferred spot for drinks.

Caffe Valentino
1245 S. Third St. (at Wharton St.)
This Zagat-rated BYO is a preferred venue for pasta and homestyle Italian favorites in a warm and friendly environment. Expect better than average dishes at lower than average prices. Overall, a great value from a really nice place.

Gooey Looie's
In the Pennsport Mall, Moyamensing and Moore Streets
Famous among the hoagie cognescetti for their overstuffed masterpieces, Gooey Looie's hoagies are make with sliced-to-order meat, and weigh in at at least 2 lbs.